How can I bond with my unborn baby?

Connect with your unborn baby on a soul level and embrace the power it holds for your birthing journey and beyond.

Do you doubt your ability to tune into your baby’s soul?

  • Do you have certain expectations about how bonding should feel?
  • Do you feel pressured to actively do something to foster the connection?
  • Are you worried about delving deeper within yourself?
  • Maybe you even question whether this soul-bonding experience is real and attainable for you.

Your doubts about connecting with your baby’s soul usually stem from being unfamiliar with the inner aspects of who you are. In today’s modern world, our focus is often on external things, leaving the exploration of our inner world feeling unfamiliar and perhaps even daunting.

However, let’s take a look back at tribal communities from the past. They had beautiful rituals and ceremonies that honored the sacred journey of pregnancy and birth. Within these practices, they connected with the baby’s soul and communicated with the unborn through meditation. This deepened the bond between mother and baby, fostering a profound sense of love, trust, and understanding. It was a vital practice that laid the foundation for the baby’s spiritual growth and development. Babies were recognized for their unique qualities, they were given their right place within the tribe and the appropriate name that represented and reminded everyone of their spiritual essence. This created a strong social foundation where everyone carried out an important and unique role for the good of the whole.


By reconnecting with these ancient methods, we can tap into our inner realm, which serves as a gateway to expressing ourselves externally and perceiving life through the lens of the soul. This allows us to tune in to the subtle messages that our souls communicate through our senses.

Feeling uncertain about this experience is completely normal, as it is something new and unfamiliar. However, it’s important to trust in the natural process that arises from your own internal landscape and intuition. This journey of connecting with your baby’s soul is profound and authentic because it originates from within you.

You don’t need to do anything specific or prepare in a certain way. Simply enter the process and allow me to guide you to a state of pure relaxation and elevation, where you can embrace the journey of bonding with your baby’s soul.

Why expectant mothers struggle to bond with their unborn

Fear around Birth
Fear is a natural part of the pregnancy journey, whether it’s

  • the fear of giving birth,
  • The fear of the unknown journey ahead,
  • or the apprehension associated with hospitals.

These fears can act as barriers, presenting challenges when it comes to delving deeper within yourself. However, it is possible to overcome them whilst establishing a profound connection with your baby’s soul.

expecting mother

Fear Based Care

While the medical establishment prioritizes safety, it’s important to recognize that it can unintentionally amplify fear in expectant mothers, diverting their attention away from their intuition and inner wisdom.

The emphasis on external measurements and control can overshadow the magical and mystical experience of pregnancy and birth, leaving you feeling disconnected. Constantly seeking external validation in this overwhelming sea of information can further create a sense of distance within yourself, hindering the ability to tune in and establish a soulful connection with your baby.

Identity Crisis

The transition into motherhood can trigger an identity crisis as you navigate the expectations of maintaining your pre-pregnancy self. However, it’s crucial to understand that motherhood is a transformative journey that requires embracing new aspects of your identity.

During this beautiful process, you undergo a spiritual and symbolic death of your old self, paving the way for a profound rebirth as a mother. It’s a time of growth, self-discovery, and embracing the immense love and responsibility that accompanies nurturing a new life.

Lack of Support

The demands of modern life and the lack of support during pregnancy and postpartum add additional challenges to the bonding process. The absence of a nurturing support system and the relentless pace of daily life can lead to detachment and fragmentation, making it harder to establish a deep connection with your baby.

Lack of Self-Care

Taking care of your own sense of care is vital, as it allows you to share love and wellbeing with your little one in a much more abundant way, from an inner fountain that naturally overflows. Yet sometimes, doubts and insecurities can surface, these can be strong enough to cloud your natural ability to form a deep connection.

Relationship Issues

Disconnection between partners can result in a greater disconnection from the baby. When there is uneasiness between the father and the mother, it can affect the father’s sense of involvement. There is often pressure for men to feel a connection with the baby early on in the pregnancy, even if it may not be their primary time for bonding. Men often find connection with the baby by feeling connected to the mother. Addressing and healing any underlying issues within the relationship is essential to ensure a harmonious and loving environment.

Understanding these barriers is the first step toward overcoming them. By acknowledging the challenges and seeking support, you can open the door to a profound and soul infused connection with your unborn baby.

Allow me to share a heartfelt story from a home birthing experience where I provided doula support to a mother.

I was taken aback by the actions and words of the midwives involved. Throughout the process, they diligently checked the baby’s heartbeat every 8 minutes. However, what truly alarmed me was the language they used. They repeatedly emphasized, “the heartbeat is STILL strong.” It made me reflect on the impact of such words on an expectant mother. Why choose these particular words? Do you not expect it to be? It became evident to me that these healthcare professionals had been trained or conditioned to focus on what could go wrong rather than acknowledging what is going right.


Why Bonding with your Unborn Baby Matters

As someone who has firsthand experience as a Hypnotherapist, Soul Connections facilitator, doula, and mother of three beautiful children, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of this connection. Let me be your “village woman”, your guide, helping you tap into your inner wisdom, your baby’s soul, the sacredness and spiritual dimensions of pregnancy and the essence of who you are.

Supporting your baby throughout pregnancy and beyond

  • Step away from the overload of overwhelming information and tap into the wisdom within you—the deep connection with your inner sense, your baby, your body, and your powerful intuition.
  • Learn genuine ways to provide the support your baby needs, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.
  • Prepare for the postpartum period by considering what truly matters to you, whether it’s balancing work or cherishing precious skin-to-skin moments.
  • Nurture a soulful energy that empowers you to conquer challenges and adjust to your baby’s rhythm, making your transition into motherhood effortless.

Creating a positive birth experience

  • Embrace the possibility of birthing from a space of trust – free from fear and external stressors.
  • Consider the birthing environment that resonates with you, whether it’s a hospital, birth center, or home.
  • Choose a birth team that aligns with your intentions and desires, providing the support you need.
  • Allow your baby’s presence and energy to be a constant source of support and inspiration along the way.
  • Accept and be present with whatever arises during birth, knowing it cannot be controlled.

Recognizing and releasing fear surrounding birth

  • Acknowledge the power of choice in approaching birth from either fear or trust.
  • Embrace the support and reassurance of your baby’s energy as you navigate the birthing process.
  • Cultivate trust in yourself and lean into the surrounding support that uplifts and nurtures you.

Affirmations to support your journey to motherhood

  • I confidently embrace this journey to motherhood allowing it to be a beautiful mystery unfolding before me.
  • I am capable of going through any challenges that arise, knowing that I have the inner resources to overcome them.
  • I release the need to control birth and instead trust in the natural process that unfolds.
  • Me and my baby have the inherent wisdom necessary for birth.
    I trust in the profound mystery of birth and the essence of life itself.

The 6 Unique Benefits of Soul Bonding


Embrace the Power of Teamwork

You’re not alone in this journey. Together with your baby, you embark on a path of co-creation. Through a deep soul bond, you navigate doubts and discomfort, knowing that your baby is doing what they need to do. This shift in perspective transforms the birthing experience into a welcoming and empowering journey shared with your little one.


Unleash your Birth Confidence

Connect with a deep well of unconditional love and instinctively let go of anything that no longer serves you. Embrace your power and sovereignty, trusting your inner guidance to discern what you need and what you don’t. Step beyond fear-based care narratives that restrict possibilities. Instead, envision a reality that feels spacious, effortless, and joyful. By expanding your consciousness, you create new neural pathways and open yourself to a more expanded sense of reality.


Prepare for Postpartum

Feel the deep connection between you and your baby throughout the postpartum period. Embrace the energy that naturally guides you through confusion and exhaustion, helping you prioritize what truly matters. From this expanded perspective and heightened consciousness, you’ll find solutions to challenges and witness the positive impact on your baby’s well-being.


Reduce Perception of Pain

Expand your awareness beyond pain and discomfort. As you tap into a soul connection with your baby, a wider perspective emerges, capable of holding the sensations of childbirth. No longer a victim, you and your baby work together, navigating the birthing process. The intensity comes and goes, and you remain present, allowing it to pass without consuming you. Throughout it all, you feel held and supported.


Experience Motherhood Feeling Relaxed

Embrace a relaxed approach to motherhood, knowing that a calm and peaceful environment benefits both you and your baby. For example, a colicky baby tends to find comfort with a relaxed mother, crying less and feeling better. You have the power to choose the practices that promote this serenity, such as gentle touch, breastfeeding, and allowing yourself ample time for rest. By nurturing your baby and yourself as a mother, you create a nurturing atmosphere where both can thrive.


Rise Above

In the words of Einstein, “You cannot solve a problem from the very same level of consciousness that created it.” Through Soul Bonding, you transcend limiting beliefs and embrace the realm of possibilities. As a mother, you possess the power to create and support this energy throughout your birthing journey. Explore the depths of your nature and experience your creative feminine potential.

 Here are some affirmations for your inspiration:

  • I trust my body to guide me through the birthing process.
  • I trust the energy of birth – It is powerful and supportive.
  • My baby is responding well and thriving within me.
  • I take comfort in the strong heartbeat of my baby.
  • I release any resistance and open myself to the process of birthing my baby.
  • I have the strength and ability to birth my baby with ease and grace.

How do Soul Bonding Sessions work?

During a Soul Bonding Session, you’ll experience deep relaxation and comfort. Through hypnosis, I guide you into a natural state where you can let go of distractions and fully focus on the present moment. This heightened awareness empowers you to access your inner wisdom like never before.

The guidance and insights emerge from within yourself. This creates a deep sense of authenticity and trust in the information you receive. Your mind interprets these experiences using emotions, sensations, and symbols because the language of the soul isn’t linear or rational. These messages carry personal significance and can be applied in practical ways that benefit you.

In this session, you have the opportunity to connect with your higher self and the soul energy of your baby to understand present-day challenges such as a breech position, a high-risk pregnancy, fertility or illness from a higher perspective and/or to experience the magnificence of your baby’s soul essence. The way this connection unfolds is personal and unique to you.

If you are ready to embark on this unique journey with your unborn baby, sign up for a Soul Bonding Session here. Alternatively, watch this video to feel the essence of what this experience can offer you. This is your invitation to a realm of deep connections, sacred insights, and unconditional love.


Meet Rose

Your Soul Connections Facilitator, Hypnotherapist and Doula

As a Hypnotherapist and Doula, my passion lies in supporting mothers during the miraculous journey of giving birth. I consider it a privilege to be part of such a sacred moment. I vividly remember a time when I assisted a mother in bringing her baby into the world—I was there to catch the baby with my own hands. It was a profound experience “like an entire universe dropping into your hands” , but I understood that this precious moment truly belonged to the parents. The touch, the energy, the feeling—it all matters. It is meant for the mother and father, creating a powerful bond that serves as an energy booster for their journey through parenthood.

That one touch, that incredible moment, had a lasting impact on me for weeks. It was an indescribable feeling that words can hardly capture. I realized the immense power and magic that exists within this energy—from the very moment of conception to the emergence into this world, it belongs to you. It is your birthright, and it is truly a transformative and inspiring experience. I am driven by a deep desire to help you connect with this magnificent energy, with the pureness and power of your baby’s soul essence and your inner self. The soul is the container through which experiences take place. To recognize and expand into this dimension of being can change the way you and your baby experience birth and life as a whole, truly giving you and your baby a wonderful start.

What My Clients Say
About Their Experience

“Rosemary is a beautiful soul of a woman – she created a bridge between me and my soul on a really kind and sensitive level. The work with her helped me heal old wounds, we were able to clear a lot of old energy blockages together. It was a pleasure to work with her in that way. She can help you connect with souls, she helps you heal relationships and to let go of old things that no longer serve you. Thank you for holding my space for so long and thank you for being here with your presence.”

  Malin Manzoni 

“I felt the immenseness and depth of the love [my daughter] has for me and the love a child has for its mother, and its parent. It’s funny because as a parent you know now much you love your children, and yet sometimes you don’t really think about how much they love you. You don’t fully receive their love for you. And getting in that moment to really feel and understand, and be completely surrounded by this beautiful feeling of love was very beautiful and impactful. A really treasured moment of my experience and something I have carried with me. Watch Video

  Karen Abe 

“I had the chance to experience a soul connection session with Rosemary and I absolutely recommend it! Connecting with the essence of my unborn baby was such a powerful, sacred and magical journey. Rosemary’s way of holding space and guiding sacred journeys is uncanny. It is definitely a unique experience to meet on such a deep level, and then connect the dots when you meet your baby in the Earth plane. I recommend it to all women willing to forge a sacred relationship with their child from a new paradigm.”

  Kahina Bouaissi 

“It felt almost like a portal had been opened…very delicate yet also very strong, and very real where I could feel the spirt of my unborn child as if it was me. I could feel her talking to me without words. It felt we were completely connected. If felt like through the prompts that Rose was asking questions that I could actually connect with her soul and really tap into her very being, the essence of her. So when we were able to pose questions the answers were very clear, very concise. They sometimes surprised me. And that’s when I realized it wasn’t me speaking or my intellectual brain doing it, it was the other soul. This is really humbling. This is really amazing. And I just felt a very deep connection with her afterwards. Watch Video

  Chrissi Long 

“Rose lives and breathes the essence of the Divine Mother, not only through her work, but in every aspect of her life. In sessions this translates into the deep, sure and very compassionate holding space that Rose creates. Rose feels trustworthy, and her clients explore their interior worlds with more ease and grace as a result.”

  Robyn Sheldon 

“While Rosemary’s modality was totally new to me, the gentle and loving space she created in the space of a very short time allowed me to loosen the grip of some long-held blockages and fears, leaving me feeling much lighter, freer, and more grounded in my instincts as I approach the birth of my first baby. I’m immensely grateful for the connection and ease she helped me to access in deep communication with my unborn son, as well as with myself. I hope as many expectant mamas and partners as possible can avail themselves of this gift!”

  Jordan Levinson 

Schedule Your
Soul Bonding Session

(Sessions are $250 USD per person)

Frequently Asked Questions

When to start bonding with your unborn Baby?

Bonding with your unborn baby can happen at any time during your pregnancy. Yet to ensure the most comfortable experience I recommend booking a session for when you are in your second or third trimester, after the nausea and initial pregnancy discomfort have subsided.

What do I need to get started?

Nothing other than contacting me to book your date and time.

Why is Hypnosis the number one choice for Soul Bonding?

Hypnosis relaxes the everyday conscious mind so that the hypnotherapist and client can communicate directly with the subconscious mind. In my work as a hypnotherapist, I use hypnosis not only to access the subconscious mind, but also to access and reveal the spiritual dimensions—the higher self—of the client. This form of hypnotherapy can unveil the more expansive dimensions of being, allowing for the wisdom of the higher self and soul of the baby to shine through.

How long does a Soul Bonding session last?

The process is two and a half to three hours long.

Is it possible for couples to engage in Soul Bonding together?

Absolutely! Holding space for each other as you both experience your unique soul bond with your baby can be a truly nourishing and magical experience for the couple adding a deeper layer of closeness and connection between you.

How can fathers benefit from a Soul Bonding session?

Fathers play a vital role in bringing a child into this world. Participating in this session gives fathers-to-be a more tangible relationship to what the mother and baby are experiencing. In addition, fathers have their own unique dynamics with their baby; this experience allows men the chance to discover them.

How much does it cost?

$250 USD per person

Additional Free Soul Bonding Resources

Explore the wisdom within you further with my complimentary Birth Preparation for Parents download and guided meditation series. These soul-nourishing resources are designed to deepen your connection and prepare you intuitively for the sacred journey ahead.

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