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What I can help you with

I use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you access your deep inner mind where all your memories, emotions, beliefs, patterns, and impressions are stored. By being in a relaxed, receptive and responsive state we can discover the root cause of your issue making the process of transformation much more effective.

  • Quit smoking
  • Weight loss and fitness
  • Break unhelpful habits
  • Overcome fears and limitations
  • Enhance sport performance
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Grief and loss
  • Improve relationships
  • Release stress
  • Overcome sleep issues
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Self improvement
  • Spiritual growth

Your deepest desire—and your birthright—is to be happy:
to be in touch with an inner peace, joy, and contentment that remains unaffected by the ups-and-downs of daily life.

mother holding baby

So why is it that, right now, you feel anything but happy?

Suffering, pain, and negative mental impressions (i.e., unfounded beliefs) get in the way of expressing your pure potential as an individual. They also veil the unconditioned peace and joy at the core of your Being.

Your life-circumstances are a mirror of what you hold inside. Unconscious beliefs and unresolved wounds condition your beliefs and expectations which, in turn, influence how your life unfolds. Meaningful change begins with transforming yourself at the deepest level of mind.

In relationships, your conscious mind is typically not the one in control, even though you believe it is. What’s really leading the way is a conglomeration of unconscious beliefs and habitual behaviors that are not reflective of who you really are.

What’s the path to unearthing and transforming these old wounds, connecting with your True Self, and stepping into your most authentic and empowered life?

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“I was lucky enough to have found Rose and it was a life changing experience. She helped me realize my own hidden experiences and how they were contributing negatively in my life. Professionally I am less nervous and more confident in public speaking. More importantly I learned to be a better parent by realizing that my frustrations were quite literally with myself. I think back to those moments found in my subconscious and am still in total awe, thank you!”

Johan Alarcon

This is where hypnotherapy really shines. This healing modality is all about opening, transforming, and elevating:

– to free your emotions

The first step to significant  transformation is having an open heart. An open heart means your emotional energy is flowing and blockages have been dissolved. You feel light and easy, with life-force energy flowing freely throughout your body. This free-flowing energy is then available to use creatively: to channel into your most cherished goals and intentions.

When you suppress your emotions, as a protection mechanism, you miss the beauty and wonder of the world and your own precious human body-mind. So, learning to welcome and intimately embrace your emotions is a gift and blessing—to yourself, your friends, your spouse or partner, and your children.

To have a closed heart means you are repressing or suppressing uncomfortable feelings and emotions. It means you are disconnected from the full vitality of your life-force energy. A closed heart feels like a contraction, a constriction. Oftentimes there’s a felt sense of heaviness in the chest. 

There’s a high price to pay for living with a closed heart. You’re not available to your emotions: unable to process emotional pain; and unavailable to enjoy hope, inspiration, peace, joy, and love. With a closed heart, there’s a sense of being stuck on heavy ground, and never being fully present. You’re continuously searching for a magic formula that will take the pain away, and eliminate the suffering. You live within this revolving door of escapism because you fear being overwhelmed by the full intensity of your emotions. 

A closed heart has physical symptoms, also. The breath becomes tense and shallow: trapped in the upper chest. The jaw clenches and the throat feels tight. The abdominal area—your physical center of gravity and energetic powerhouse—feels numb, frozen, and/or constricted. It’s nearly impossible to activate creative energy from such a state! 

The first step on the path to opening your heart is to become available to the full range of your feelings and emotions—pleasant and unpleasant. You allow them to surface, where they can serve as a bridge to the root cause of your problem. You give the emotions lots of space—like clouds floating in a vast blue sky—which also, paradoxically, is how to become most intimate with them.

Once you’ve become aware of all the suppressed or repressed emotions that have been hidden beneath the surface, your mind will begin to unwind and release the negative thought patterns that have been wreaking havoc—generating toxic emotions and dysfunctional behavior.

But it all starts with opening your heart to the full and authentic range of emotional expression. This is what sets the stage for healing at the deepest level of mind.

expecting mother
expecting mother

TRANSFORMING – from the inside-out

Transforming at the level of your subconscious mind resets your entire life. It’s like clearing the cache of your computer—which frees up an abundance of space and empowers effortless efficiency.

The world that you perceive is deeply conditioned by your unexamined beliefs and assumptions. Your life experience is the materialization of what you hold within yourself. Your thoughts shape your reality, and your beliefs materialize before you.

The transformation  of each person contributes to world harmony. Such individual  transformation begins by unearthing suppressed or repressed emotions, which reveal calcified belief systems. Shining the light of Presence—the light of Truth—upon these false beliefs and outdated assumptions allows them to dissolve, which sets the healing process fully in motion.

I use hypnotherapy to support this process of transformation from the ground up. Once the subconscious core beliefs have been identified and released, you’ll reach a place of understanding, forgiveness, and core transformation. Your life will improve  profoundly, and you’ll never feel the same again. Your engagement with the world will be fresh and new. Your thoughts and behaviors will support peace and well-being. And you’ll be contributing—through each moment of your daily living—to world harmony.

Once the root cause of suffering is uncovered and your mind is transformed  at its deepest level, the next step is to elevate your life.

– to express your full human potential

Once the deep transformation has happened, the final step is to integrate a new way of being. I refer to this process as “elevation.”

When your heart has opened and your mind no longer harbors negative beliefs; and when you’ve integrated body-mind-heart-spirit; and have genuinely forgiven yourself and others—then the full range of your energy becomes available for creative expression.

The old constricted fear-based patterns have transformed into loving comfort, ease, and celebration. Your body-mind emanates well-being, and your actions are in alignment with your deepest knowing. Worldly circumstances naturally transform as you attract what is in resonance with your new way of being. This is a foundational paradigm shift.

More and more, you resonate with what feels best at the level of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. In the absence of obstacles, you’re able to step into and embrace the life you truly want. This is the life that springs eternal from the core of your Being. You’re now embodying the vision that’s most authentically true. In this way, you elevate to the highest reaches of your Being—and express with love and freedom who you were born to be.

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To heal is to transform deeply by embracing your innate inner light: the light of presence, of spiritual awake-ness; the light of awareness that’s shining through your eyes right now.


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