Am I a good candidate for a hypnotherapy session? Will I be able to enter a state of mental and physical relaxation on the day of my session? What does it mean to follow suggestions?

Like any healing modality, hypnotherapy works well for some people, while not for others. Research has shown that 90% of people can be hypnotized, this means that they can enter a state of mental and physical relaxation while remaining receptive and responsive to suggestions. 

To determine whether hypnosis is likely to be beneficial for you, please complete the two simple exercises —short audio recordings below.

When In Doubt, Try These Exercises!

These recordings will guide you through a couple of short, simple exercises to determine your ability to benefit from this healing modality. If you’re able to feel, sense, see or in any other way respond to my suggestions then you’ll be able to reach an appropriate level of hypnosis for you to have a beneficial hypnotherapy session.

If you notice such a response, this means that you’re able to put your conscious analytical mind to the side, and will be able to access deeper aspects of your being using  hypnosis.

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