Deep-Dive Healing

One-on-one sessions to address a particular issue

In these two to three hour sessions, we’ll dive deep into your subconscious mind to access and transform the root cause of your mental-emotional or behavioral challenge. To fully support this process, we’ll also expand into your superconscious mind to access your Higher Wisdom.

I am fully committed to your transformation. From your side, what’s required to maximize the effectiveness of this modality is:

  • Sincere readiness, from the onset, to dive deep.
  • Willingness to be guided to the root cause of your issue.
  • Receptivity and responsiveness to the guiding prompts.
  • Commitment to practicing and integrating the new and wonderful way of being that will emerge from each session.

If you meet these prerequisites, then feel free to contact me to book our initial session. I look forward to serving you in this way.

Rosemary Meran
rosemay meran


One-on-one sessions to thoroughly clean your subconscious mind

I do love a clean house, don’t you? It always feels good to be in a well-tended space, doesn’t it? There’s a comfort, ease, and well-being that arises when we find ourselves in living-spaces that are clean, clear, and uplifted.

And the same is true with the internal space of your heart-mind.

Imagine inhabiting and fully enjoying an internal space of clarity, spaciousness, brightness, and vitality. In such a space, you’re able to meet life’s challenges with Presence, celebrate life’s gifts with gratitude, and be in the world trusting yourself as you fulfill your mission.

This is a process for people who are inspired to thoroughly clean their subconscious mind (their inner house) from all limiting beliefs, restrictive storylines, and blocked energy. This is an all-or-nothing type of agreement with yourself. In this process you will open, you will heal, and you will elevate in quantum leaps. All the gnarly detritus of your subconscious mind—the litter and waste and rubble—is going to be dredged up, excavated, and you say: Bring it on!

Whether you want to have better relationships, increase your earning power, become a better parent, free yourself from emotional limitations, stop repeating the same sabotaging patterns, find your purpose and mission, connect with your spiritual essence, and/or heal your core wounds—these sessions are for you.

I’m here to facilitate profound transformation by helping you clean out the deepest recesses of your mind. Eventually, this will reveal the radiant core of your Being, and create space for you to enjoy a deeply satisfying human life, doing what you love.

For these sessions to be successful, your absolute commitment is necessary. If you’re on board, contact me to schedule a free consultation. I look forward to serving you in this way.

When you understand that love is who you are, then life begins to take on a different hue and shape.


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