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Losing a child is a huge source of grief for mothers that is not often spoken about. When experiencing an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, everyone has their own coping mechanisms that help them weather the pain. After the child is lost, what usually remains is unresolved guilt and sadness. Some feel like they don’t deserve love and wellbeing. Many never give themselves the time to grieve and carry that grief for the rest of their lives.

Discover unconditional love and forgiveness. The pain you felt is a lost opportunity, but you still deserve love, hope, and wellbeing. It’s never too late to heal and transform, whether the loss occurred last week or 30 years ago. Release the emotional energy of the trauma and restore harmony to your body and mind.

Give yourself a safe and nurturing space to heal. I’m here to help you connect with the soul essence of your lost baby. You’ll receive your child’s message of unconditional love and allow yourself to grieve fully and finally feel forgiveness.

In a safe space, I’ll lovingly support and encourage you to feel and express your emotions. By embracing the depth of your feelings, you’ll be able to heal and move forward. You’ll also be able to clear any karmic residue between you and the baby. Reconnect with your partner and heal the individual grief that has isolated you from one another.

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“I have so much gratitude. So much love. That I could reconnect with two babies I lost, 33 years ago. [Rose] guided me to find him. To talk with him. To connect to him. To give him his place in my life and in my family. And to discover that he is more alive than ever. I knew she was the one who could help me to heal that relationship with my baby. I felt her the first day I met her. I felt she was in my life for some reason. And this was a big reason. Thank you Rose. Thank you so much. You are amazing and I am so grateful you are here. You are a gift.”

– Sophie Hardy

Karen Abe


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