Soul Connection sessions take you on a journey into your inner landscapes, allowing you to connect soul-to-soul with your baby or babies. Whatsapp me at +1 321.989.7268 or fill out the form below to begin scheduling your session. I look forward to hearing from you!

What if my mind interferes with the process?

The mind is ever-present, but I make sure that it is relaxed through physical and mental relaxation techniques. Your mind becomes a mere witness to the process, which allows you to receive the deeper information. Your inner senses will awaken and profound connections will arise within you.

If you notice your mind is interfering, we will take some time to offer reassurance and invite it again to relax. The only necessity is your desire to begin the journey. When you are willing and committed to the process, the conscious mind will effortlessly give way for the powerful part of you to arise.

Is this safe to do during pregnancy?

Absolutely! This process is gentle to you and your child. As we work within the energy of your higher self, it’s natural for some difficult feelings to arise. If they do, they are seen, embraced and accepted without judgment and upheld by the wisdom and unconditional love of your higher self.

What is the higher self?

I like to think of the higher self as a bridge connecting our embodied physical selves to our divine selves. It’s the portion of us that stays between the manifested world and the invisible spiritual realm. In my own experiences, I’ve witnessed the higher self sending out a portion of its light, which dwells within our inner heart behind or directly below our physical heart. 

Our higher self is ourselves unbounded, unlimited by the constraints of our body, physical mind and all its sticky emotions. The higher self guides the whole session. Through it we fetch the soul essence of the baby, which is the baby’s higher self dwelling in the space of wisdom and unconditional love.

Why is it important to do this work?

New parents can feel completely alone and overwhelmed. They are bringing a new life into this world, but there are so many unknowns for both the parents and child. Through these sessions, mothers and fathers can be in touch with the deeper knowing that resides inside of them.

These sessions aren’t meant to be prophetic, but what I’ve found is that the messages and knowings transmitted actually apply to how things unfold. The parents-to-be can receive guidance and mothers will tap into an inner support that they carry throughout pregnancy and birth, knowing that she is not alone in the journey. She and the baby are a team working together. 

This connection will allow the soul of the baby to inform and guide the birth in a sacred and deeply felt way. This shifts their vibration from fear to trust, so when the baby is born they can embody the energy of their souls completely.

What if I don't believe in past lives or reincarnation?

Many times we do use the modality of past lives to get into the subconscious mind and clear old dynamics that are still alive. With this particular session we are not really interested in knowing if the past life is real or not. My focus is simply to unearth the emotional stuck energy that is woven in the story that they bring up of a past life with their baby. This is very unique to everyone and works differently with each client. We know it’s working when the client unveils the whys of certain behaviours and beliefs. This is what lets them clear their energy and inhabit their bodies with more presence.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me to the session?

This process is very personal. Having other people in the room can alter the dynamics and content of the session, so all sessions are one-on-one. 

My job is to hold you in a sacred, safe, and non-judgmental space. Along with this, I give you my vow of absolute confidentiality. Anything that arises in your session is treated with love and respect, and remains between us.

I also offer this session to fathers or anyone else in the family who wants to connect with the soul essence of the baby and understand their unique dynamics with the child. Again, these sessions are highly personal and private.

At the end of our session, you are free to share anything you want with others.

How do I prepare for my session?

Make sure you eat and rest well the night before. Ideally, I advise you avoid eating animal products for 24 hours before the session as these can put weight on the energy field. Three days prior to the session, begin to observe your rhythm and watch out for synchronicities or interesting things that might happen. Write these down and bring them with you. 

If our session is in-person, arrive in comfortable clothes. Our session could be as long as four to five hours, so make sure you have a nourishing meal beforehand. You will be free to drink and use the bathroom as needed.

If our session is virtual, you must have a well-working external microphone and earphones so that we can hear each other clearly. I do not conduct sessions using a built-in microphone, as they can be challenging to hear when the body is lying down away from the device. I will also need to be able to see your upper body during the session. 

Please ensure you are in a quiet space where you will be undisturbed during the session and that you make your space as comfortable as possible, using blankets, pillows, or anything else that will help you to relax.

Duration & What's Included

All Soul Connections sessions are 3 to 4 hours. This includes the time we spend together in our pre and post-session talks. Occasionally, a session may take a little longer so please be spacious about the time and generous with your process.

After your session you will receive the session notes, post-session support, an audio recording made just for you based upon the wisdom revealed in your session, and post-session practices to help you deepen and ground your newfound sense of connection. If you are pregnant, you will also have my personal support via email, phone or text throughout the rest of your pregnancy, the labor and birth of your baby (as your Soula or virtual Soul Doula) and throughout your mothering years.

The Red Thread Journey is a set of 8 to 10 sessions of about 3 hours each. These sessions are completed over several weeks to several months. The Red Thread Journey includes session notes, post-session practices, assignments, and post-session support, a meditation recording made just for you and, if you are pregnant, my personal support via email, phone or text throughout the rest of your pregnancy, the labor and birth of your baby (as your Soula or virtual Soul Doula) and throughout your mothering years.

In person Doula services are mapped out according to your needs and preferences.

Contact me to schedule your session!

How to use your personal audio recording?

I recommend listening to this audio two times a day for at least a month.

The wisdom unveiled in your session has no expiration date; it is timeless and will remain relevant and valid for the rest of your and your child’s (or children’s) life. The more you listen to your personal audio recording, the more you will be able to recall your experience, helping you to anchor your wisdom in your day-to-day life. This is a way to make the sacred in you real and alive.


I look forward to supporting you at this time via an online Soul Connections session! To ensure maximum comfort, ease, and effectiveness of your journey, please become familiar with the information on this page.

Basic Requirements

To benefit most fully from Soul Connections sessions:

  • You must be proficient in English or Spanish, and
  • You must not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or antipsychotic medications.

Cancellation Policy

Please make sure you’ll be able to attend your session at the booked day and time. If my current schedule doesn’t accommodate to your time-zone, please contact me and I will do my best to offer alternate arrangements.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your Soul Connections session, you must do so at least 72 hours before your scheduled time. I do not offer refunds for cancellations within three days of your scheduled session.

Also, you must arrive on the Zoom link within ten minutes of your scheduled session start-time. If you do not, then the session will be cancelled and there will be no refund.

Exceptions to the cancellation policy: If you need to reschedule due to sudden illness or a natural disaster, please contact me.


To set the stage for the most effective and enjoyable session, here’s what you need to know …

Technical Requirements

  • Use a plugged laptop or tablet with the camera facing the upper part of your body. (Please place any nearby cellphones on airplane mode, or turn them off completely.)
  • You must have a fast internet connection.
  • You must have the zoom application installed on your computer.
  • You must have a good working headset with a microphone. I need to be able to hear you clearly at all times during our session.
  • Be sure to arrange your device in a way that will remain undisturbed if you need to move or get up to use the restroom.

    Location of the Session

    I see clients who are located all over the world, I usually hold sessions online yet we can meet in person if you happen to be in my area or are willing to travel there. Sometimes, I might be able to travel to you, if so, extra fees would apply.

    • Find a quiet space in your home, where you will not be interrupted by people or pets during the Zoom session.
    • Bring pillows, blankets, and anything else that will make you feel comfortable. You may also have a cup of warm water or herbal tea nearby (avoid caffeinated beverages).

    Overall Procedure

    1. After you receive your booking confirmation via email, fill out the client information and agreement form, sign it and send it back to me at least two days before your session.
    2. Listen to the audio track I provide. Get acquainted with my voice guiding you deeper, and practice relaxing your mind and body.
    3. Write down the questions (ideally no more than six combined) that you have for your higher self and the soul of your baby, bring them to the session.
    4. Join me on Zoom at your scheduled appointment time.
    5. After our pre-session discussion we will proceed with the Soul Connections session.
    6. If the call drops at any point during the session, no problem! We’ll almost certainly be able to easily reconnect to the Zoom meeting room, and successfully complete your Soul Connections session.
    7. Within seven days after your session, I will send you a written transcript of your session for you to rewrite. This supports a deeper integration of the two hemispheres of the brain, and the surfacing of additional insights, information, and messages from your higher self.
    8. Within seven days after your session, I will also send you a custom-made meditation that will allow you to access the energy and insights gained during the session.
    9. I’ll also send you a document describing post-session exercises, to be completed for the seven days following your session. These meditations, exercises, and explorations will require only about fifteen minutes of your time each day. They will help you more fully integrate the insights from your Soul Connections session into all the aspects of your daily life.

      Please Note

      • No other people should be in the room or listening on the call with you during the session.
      • Audio or video recording of your session is not permitted.


        1. Set an intention to have a transformative session, at the same time, remain open minded, relaxed and spacious for your experience to unravel as it needs to.
        2. Get a good night’s sleep. You need to be alert, clear and able to focus and follow my guidance and suggestions, this is not easy when you are tired and unable to focus or stay awake.
        3. Eat and drink intelligently. Limit your use of caffeine before your session, so your body will be able to relax. Since your session may last for three or four hours, it’s good to eat a light wholesome meal before.
        4. After your session: Drink plenty of water. Eat a nourishing wholesome meal. Spend some time alone in nature if you can. Avoid intense activity for the hours following your session; instead, allow for integration in silence. Take a salt and apple cider bath or bucket shower as soon as you can or before going to bed. Rewrite the notes of your session within seven days to support the emergence of new insights and messages. Complete the suggested practice exercises. And enjoy embodying as best you can all the wisdom received during your session!
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        Perhaps you imagine a golden pocket-watch swinging back and forth at the end of a chain, with a subject’s eyes following the steady movement. And then the voice of the hypnotist—seated on the stage—suggesting to the subject that they perform some strange activity. And then the oohs and ahs and laughter of the audience, as the hypnotized subject engages in that unusual, outrageous, or embarrassing activity.

        Such depictions of stage hypnosis are common in cartoons and movies. And while they may hold a kernel of truth, such portrayals also contribute to many misconceptions about hypnosis. Subjects in hypnotic trance, for instance, are never slaves to the suggestions of the hypnotist. Rather, they retain absolute free will. And they’re not in a totally unconscious sleep state—but rather remain attentive, in a state of heightened awareness.

        What Is Hypnosis?

        Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness—through relaxation and focusing exercises—in which a person is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. The hypnotic state is characterized by suggestibility, deep relaxation, and heightened imagination.

        What Is Hypnotherapy?

        Hypnotherapy is a healing modality that employs hypnosis for the purpose of recovering suppressed memories and/or supporting the transformation of belief systems and behavior via hypnotic suggestions.

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        How Do Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Work?

        According to the predominant school of thought among psychiatrists, hypnosis works by accessing a person’s subconscious mind directly. Hypnosis moves the everyday conscious mind into the background, so that the hypnotist and client can communicate directly with the subconscious mind.

        The subconscious mind is the seat of imagination and impulse. When the subconscious mind is functioning without the rigid filters of the conscious mind, a person tends to feel more intuitive, spontaneous, and creative.

        The subconscious is also the storehouse for memories. While in hypnosis, subjects may be able to access past events that they have completely forgotten. A hypnotherapist can use hypnosis to bring up these memories so that a related personal problem can finally be resolved.

        In this way, hypnotherapy can facilitate the release of old habitual beliefs and behavioral patterns; and the reprograming of the subconscious mind in ways that are in alignment with the client’s deepest aspirations. It’s as if the hypnotism process pops open a control panel inside the client’s mind—which allows beneficial reprogramming to happen.

        In my work as a hypnotherapist, I use hypnosis not only to access the subconscious mind, but also to access and activate the spiritual dimensions—the higher self—of the client. This form of hypnotherapy can unveil the more expansive dimensions of being and reveal the inherent wisdom of the higher self.

        expecting mother

        Common Myths and Misconceptions about Hypnosis

        To help you feel more comfortable and confident in the power and integrity of hypnotherapy, it will be useful to debunk some common misconceptions about hypnosis.

        A hypnotist is a person who is gifted with strange, unusual, or special supernatural/mystical powers.

        Fact: A hypnotist is just a normal human being—without extraordinary supernatural/mystical powers—who has received training and become proficient in a specific healing modality. A well-trained hypnotist understands that they are just a facilitator: They skillfully employ hypnotic suggestions to facilitate an altered state of mind. But ultimately, clients hypnotize themselves. And the hypnotherapist can teach the client how to self-induce the hypnotic state.

        A person may get stuck in a hypnotic state, i.e., not be easily awakened from the altered state, and perhaps remain that way for a long time.

        Fact: No one has remained indefinitely in a hypnotic state. In fact, the hypnotic state can be terminated at will. It is as simple as opening the eyes. A person cannot get stuck in hypnosis.

        Many people are not able to be hypnotized.

        Fact: Nine out of ten people (a full 90%!) can be hypnotized.

        Only gullible or weak-minded people can be hypnotized.

        Fact: Actually, it’s nearly impossible to hypnotize a feeble-minded person. Why? Because accepting and deeply integrating hypnotic suggestions requires imagination and a conscious willingness to cooperate. The more intelligent, creative, and imaginative someone is, the easier it is to hypnotize them. 

        Hypnosis tends not to be effective with people whose minds are not well-integrated. It’s also challenging to induce hypnosis in people who are rigidly analytical and/or controlling.

        When in hypnosis, a person is out of control.

        Fact: A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. They have to want to be hypnotized in order for it to happen. The best subject is a person who has a definite reason and motivation to be hypnotized. To be successfully hypnotized, a person must:

        • Want to be hypnotized.
        • Have confidence in the hypnotist.
        • Be willing to accept suggestion.
        • Be free from fear.
        • Be able to relax, and free from the need to be in control.

        A person is under the hypnotist’s control and can be made to do or say anything. They could even be forced to commit a crime or do something else that would violate their moral principles.

        Fact: While in hypnosis, a person will never abandon his or her moral principles. They will not commit antisocial acts. They retain the power to select only the suggestions they are willing to accept. They will reject any improper suggestions and will never commit a crime or immoral act.

        The ego never totally dissociates when in hypnosis. Because the ego is present when in hypnosis, a person will never act outside of their code of ethics.

        Hypnosis is an unconscious state like sleep, and so when hypnotized a person is unaware of their physical surroundings.

        Fact: Hypnosis may in certain ways resemble sleep, yet it is not sleep—and is in fact a state of heightened and expanded awareness. If a client falls asleep then they are not in hypnosis. In hypnosis, a person is aware of everything that is going on around them. They hear sounds in the general vicinity and remain fully aware of what is being said to them. In fact, the senses are often enhanced when a person is in the hypnotic state. This is known as hyperacuity.

        A person must be deeply hypnotized to be helped.

        Fact: A person does not need to be in a deep state of hypnosis to benefit from hypnotherapy. Beneficial results can also come while in a light trance.

        Hypnosis is unnatural and artificial.

        Fact: Hypnosis is an altered yet completely natural state of mind. It is a natural hypnotic trance state, which is very similar to daydreaming, or the feeling of “losing oneself” in a book or movie.

        Hypnosis is merely relaxation and nothing more.

        Fact: You can be relaxed and yet not be hypnotized—and you can be hypnotized and not fully relaxed. Relaxation is only one aspect of one type of hypnosis.

        Hypnosis is equivalent to catalepsy—and a person cannot move when in that state.

        Fact: Catalepsy can occur in or out of trance and is not equivalent to hypnosis. The apparently catatonic state known as the hypnotic coma is not an unconscious or cataleptic state, but rather is a state of profound relaxation in which the person does not wish to move, think, or speak. However, he or she is fully conscious and can terminate that state anytime they want to.

        The eyes must be closed for hypnosis to be happening.

        Fact: Closing the eyes does not imply hypnosis. And the eyes can be open in a hypnotic state.

        Hypnosis is brainwashing.

        Fact: According to the American Heritage Dictionary, brainwashing is defined as “intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs.” 

        Brainwashing involves an altered state where some form of deprivation is present. A hypnotist cannot make someone do something that they would not do normally. Furthermore, a skillful hypnotist empowers clients to access the hypnotic state themselves and to initiate their own beneficial transformations.

        Hypnosis is a surrender of one’s will to the hypnotist, in which the hypnotic subject is under the power of the hypnotist. It is a case of one “stronger being” having power over a “weaker being.”

        Fact: A hypnotist does not have power over another person. Modern hypnosis uses the word “in” when describing hypnosis, rather than “under.” A person is said to be “in” a hypnotic state, rather than “under” hypnosis—which may imply the hypnotic subject being “under” the power of the hypnotist.

        In modern hypnotherapy, the hypnotist and his or her client are seen as equals: The hypnotist facilitates process but does not control it. Ultimately, clients resolve their issues by accessing their own inner resources, from their subconscious mind and higher self.

        Hypnosis is a kind of truth serum. A person who is hypnotized can be forced to reveal secrets or to say unkind or embarrassing things.

        Fact: A person can lie in hypnosis. They can edit and withhold information in hypnosis. They do not have to reveal secrets. When hypnotized, a person will not do anything against their will. They have the power to reject any suggestion that is given to them. A client will never divulge or do anything that he or she would not say or do in a regular waking state.

        Hypnosis is anti-religious.

        Fact: There are no religious connotations associated with hypnosis. Its benefits are available equally to people affiliated with any and all spiritual or religious traditions—as well as to people with no such affiliations.

        When hypnotized, repressed memories of trauma always emerge.

        Fact: Hypnosis can be used to uncover repressed memories, but the hypnotic state itself does not, by default, bring them to the surface. A client will never see something that he or she is not ready to see. And such memories will only come to the surface if the client and/or the hypnotist intends to bring them up.

        How Do I Know If Hypnosis Is for Me?

        Now that we’ve clarified what hypnosis is and what it isn’t, you may feel newly comfortable and open to exploring hypnotherapy. And this is wonderful! But you may also be wondering: How do I know whether it will work for me? Luckily, there’s a simple way to experience your mind’s receptivity to this healing modality.

        As mentioned above, around 90% of people have minds that are receptive to hypnosis. To find out if you are one of these people, you can complete a couple of simple exercises, which are used to assess a subject’s response and receptivity to hypnosis. If you respond to these exercises, chances are excellent that a Soul Connections journey would be a wonderfully beneficial and powerful experience for you.

        So, I invite you to access these exercises here, to see for yourself how your mind responds to my suggestions.

        experience soul connections
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