The bond between mother and child stays with us throughout our whole lives. Our children learn from what we say, what we don’t say, what we embody, how we live and how we express our deepest selves. As parents, we not only fulfill our children’s basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, but also act as their first spiritual guide.

Yet we all enter motherhood with our own traumas and unconscious behaviors that were passed down from our parents, and that we may pass onto our own children without even realizing it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When we connect with our higher selves and embody our inner wisdom, we can surrender more fully to our true nature. We can delve into these dark places, relinquish their control and parent with consciousness, awareness and unconditional love.

This is not a magic spell that will suddenly make everything perfect. Rather, it is a journey of deep healing and connection; a rite of passage into your inner landscapes where you will find both beauty and shadow. When we integrate both light and dark, we can mend the fragmented parts of ourselves, and see ourselves as whole and complete. Conscious parenting has the potential to shift our relationship with everything that surrounds us, and give our children a future free of the pain that was passed down to us.

Rosemary Meran
rosemay meran


I’m a mother of three lovely and lively children and the founder of Soul Connections. This work is informed by my ongoing spiritual practice and insights, and a deep commitment to helping my clients connect with their own inner wisdom. I offer Soul Connections sessions and my services as a doula to support women and men on their path to becoming more rooted, present, and aligned parents.


The origin of Soul Connections lies in my personal experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. The first piece of the puzzle was Soul Integration…

The gift of Soul Integration found me during my first pregnancy, when I was searching for a way to deeply connect with my unborn baby. I felt a yearning to bridge the space between us; and learn to listen more deeply. I wanted to understand how he needed me to care for him, to allow his life (both in the womb and beyond) to blossom in the most authentic way.

Through the explorations and insights of Soul Integration, I was able to release conscious and subconscious beliefs about who my child needed to be. I learned to heal my own internal emotional blockages, which allowed me to truly love and respect who I was. This, in turn, made it possible to fully welcome my unborn child for who he was—without projecting unfulfilled needs and unreasonable expectations upon him.

My second pregnancy with twins was considered high risk. But receiving Soul Integration sessions instilled me with confidence, trust, and expansive healing love. I remained connected with my inner power; and a birth that could easily have become chaotic and traumatic instead was smooth, calm, and beautifully protected.

I have facilitated soul journeys and in-depth intuitive healing sessions for about 20 years. As my formal training, I completed a Soul Integration certification with Robyn Sheldon in South Africa. I am certified in clinical, transpersonal and interpersonal hypnotherapy by The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, licensed by the Florida Department of Education where I trained directly with Matthew J. Brownstein, founder of the institute and a leading practitioner in the field. I have trained as a doula with Mama Bamba in South Africa and have completed teacher training certifications in yoga and mindfulness meditation in the United States. I began experimenting with the integration of Hypnotherapy and Soul Integration, deepening the process with my experience as a doula, intuitive healer, and birth keeper. This was the birth of Soul Connections.

rosemary meran

“A mother who is in touch with her authentic power is a gift to her children, society and the world at large.


Being a mother is the ultimate responsibility, yet something that can be experienced with a light heartedness once we are in tune with our authentic selves and have accepted our wholeness without judgement.”



It doesn’t matter where or how birth happens: at home or in the hospital, via C-section or vaginal delivery. What’s most important is being well-informed, feeling supported, and connected to your inner wisdom and baby.

It doesn’t matter what religion or spiritual practices we follow, or where we live. What matters is how we express our deepest selves in our day-to-day experiences. By deeply and intimately exploring our inner landscape, the most essential aspect of our Being can emerge. The spiritual “substance” at our core (the Awareness that is seeing and understanding these words, right now!) can be recognized, and then given voice and shape: expressed through our daily activities, including parenthood.

Through this meeting with our True Self, unconditioned peace, joy, trust, and ease naturally arise. Contentment, beauty, gratitude, and simplicity become our daily prayerful experience. And wonder, mystery, and the privilege of communion can fully infuse our experience of pregnancy, birth, and mothering.

My deepest aspiration is for as many women as possible to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood as the soulful, beautifully human, and Divine experience that it can be. This is my reason for developing Soul Connections—and it would be an honor to support you in this way.

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“In order for our children to connect with their authentic selves and express who they truly are, it is foundational for mothers to unconditionally love all parts of ourselves, without a need to hide, constrict or judge.”


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