“My vision when working with clients is to promote healing and transformation, which entails a journey of accepting who we are in our entirety, instead of rejecting the painful or more difficult parts. When we accept all of our parts, we open to our centre, remain balanced and extend this same acceptance and unconditional love to our children and to the world.”

Soul Connection sessions take you on a journey into your inner landscapes, allowing you to connect soul-to-soul with your baby or babies. By becoming attuned to the highest version of yourself, you’ll become conscious of the obstacles stopping you from expressing your true self and from fully connecting as a mother.

The most beautiful part of my work is in witnessing mothers opening up and experiencing their light and their baby’s light for the first time, discovering themselves and their baby in ways they never knew were possible. They can pass on the gift of recognition onto their children, which I believe is the most heart-centred, rewarding legacy we can give them.

All Soul Connection offerings include session notes, post-session support, an audio recording made just for you based upon the wisdom revealed in your session, and post-session practices to help you deepen and ground your newfound sense of connection. If you are pregnant you will also have my personal support via email, phone or text throughout the rest of your pregnancy, the labor and birth of your baby (as your virtual doula) and throughout your mothering years at no extra cost.

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“Rosemary possesses the intrinsic ability to help her clients find wisdom in their fear, truth in their chaos and calm in their overwhelm.”


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