Connect and heal at the deepest level

of your subconscious mind.

Natal Regression

Connect and heal at the deepest level of your subconscious mind.

expecting mother


This session is for you if you wish to connect with memories of being in your mother’s womb; and gain insight into how those earliest experiences shaped your current mental-emotional patterns. This clarity allows troublesome psychological habits to begin to unwind.


In this session, we use perinatal regression to uncover memories of your birth experience, the time you spent in the womb, and the energetic imprints at the time of your conception.

To begin, you’re gently guided (via hypnotherapy techniques) into a state of deep mental and physical receptivity and relaxation. This allows access to your subconscious mind, beneath and beyond the thinking-mind.

expecting mother

Within this deep relaxed altered state, you’ll first be supported in recalling some childhood memories. You’ll then become newly aware of the very first sensory impressions—from within the womb—that are at the root of your subconscious mind. You’ll come to see how these very earliest memories have shaped the rest of your life. We may also enter the experience in the womb through your inner child and higher self.

During the session, physical or psychological wounding that may have occurred during the perinatal months of this incarnation—or wounds from previous incarnations—may be uncovered and made available for healing. And there can also be a new clarity about the gifts and talents that you’ve brought into this lifetime, to share with the world.


The world of the child in utero is full of sounds, lights, tactile sensations, and emotions. Within the womb, the baby has an intimate connection to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of the mother—and relates to these as his or her own experiences.

By entering the terrain of preverbal memory, these feelings, images, and sensations from the earliest moments in the mother’s womb and during the birthing process can be made fully conscious—which sets the stage for profound (and even seemingly miraculous) levels of healing.

For problematic issues that are utterly mysterious—i.e., have no conscious explanation—natal regression allows such patterns to be traced back to their origin within the womb. Any fears, doubts, and negative self-images of the mother that the unborn child assumed as their own can be released.


Perinatal patterns can be deeply entrenched, also, because the birthing process itself is a potentially traumatic event. The newborn is completely vulnerable and largely powerless—and the adults that they depend upon may make decisions that are not ideal.

Without gaining such insight, you may be conditioned to relive, again and again, the explosive or self-destructive feelings that are rooted in beliefs established within the womb or during the birthing process.

Once such perinatal experiences become known to your conscious mind, you’re then able to integrate them into your adult psyche. This sets the stage for more authentic and fulfilling relationships and an empowered understanding of your soul’s destiny for this lifetime.

Like a pristine diamond that has been encrusted in mud—but now is fully cleansed—your inner light and radiant wellbeing will once again shine brightly.

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"Rose lives and breathes the essence of the Divine Mother, not only through her work, but in every aspect of her life. In sessions this translates into the deep, sure and very compassionate holding space that Rose creates. Rose feels trustworthy, and her clients explore their interior worlds with more ease and grace as a result."


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