Connect to your partner and child at a deeper level.


Connect to your partner and child at a deeper level.

expecting mother


Fathers can often end up on the sidelines when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Fathers play a vital role in bringing a child into this world.

By joining your partner on this journey, you can forge a deeper connection with your baby, as well as strengthening your family as a whole.


This session will help you to connect with your highest self, giving you an understanding of how to support both your partner, and your baby in the womb, throughout pregnancy and beyond. You will release any dynamics that no longer serve you as you enter your role as a father.

As you explore yourself, you can find new ways to connect with your child on a deep, spiritual level. Your relationship with the mother will also deepen as you release any unconscious expectations or fears you may have about the birth of your unborn child.

This session can help you understand how to be present, supportive and emotionally available to your partner and baby during pregnancy, childbirth and childhood.

expecting mother


Mothers are the carriers of this new life, sometimes leaving fathers feeling disconnected from the experience. Participating in these sessions gives fathers-to-be a more tangible relationship to what the mother and baby are experiencing. Fathers have their own unique dynamics with their babies; these sessions allow men the chance to discover them.

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“I was lucky enough to have found Rose and it was a life changing experience. She helped me realize my own hidden experiences and how they were contributing negatively in my life. Professionally I am less nervous and more confident in public speaking. More importantly, I learned to be a better parent by realizing that my frustrations were quite literally with myself. I think back to those moments found in my subconscious and am still in total awe, thank you!”

— Johan Alarcon

“Thank you so much for your kindness, attention and empathy Rosemary. It radiates from you and is so healing. Thank you once again, I’ll definitely recommend you if I recognise someone who might need it. ”

— Mark Rickard


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