Local and International Birth & Postpartum Doula


Local and International Birth & Postpartum Doula


Whether it is your first, second, third, fourth or eighth pregnancy, expecting multiples or a singleton, in a breech presentation or in the optimal birth position, a physiological labor and birth, a necessary c-section or a vaginal birth after cesarean, you deserve a birthing experience that is intimately connected to your own inner wisdom and that of your baby or babies. I work to facilitate a deeply nurturing space; one which gives you the support necessary to ensure a sacred and connected birth experience.

expecting mother

Feel held and supported by a calming, stable, reassuring presence throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

expecting mother

I offer the full range of birth and postpartum doula support services, including creating birth plans, physical and emotional support during birth, and continuous one-on-one care throughout the entire process. To further support you and your baby’s well-being I also offer breathwork and meditation instruction (the best tool for labor and life!) breastfeeding support, pregnancy massage, trauma conscious birth care, hypnosis/hypnotherapy to release tension, fear and to support a deeper connection with yourself, your baby, and your passage through labor and birth. Home organization, healthy and supportive meal preparation, newborn care, a listening space to integrate and process your birth story.

I would be honored to assist you, contact me to disccuss how I can best support you and your baby.

Birth is sacred. Birth is a rite of passage. Birth is different for every woman and baby. Birth is beautiful because it is messy, raw, and intense. Birth is a journey into the mystery, into the spaces of your primodial self.

Feel embraced and empowered by the spiritual energy of the baby or babies you’re bringing into the world.

Feel connected to the universe around you and to the deeply personal experiences of your own body.

Feel supported by a calming, stable presence in the beautiful experience of giving birth.

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“I am so pleased and grateful that we decided to hire Rosemary as our doula for our second home birth. In the weeks leading up to our son’s birth, Rosemary sent along specially customized meditations for me to listen to based on my needs and feelings. She was also there to hold space and offer evidence based advice when I passed my estimated due date by a week. We had a Soul Connection session a few days before my EDD, and I saw a vision of my baby in the water several times throughout the session. Sure enough, this is where he was born on his birthing day. Rose was able to seamlessly include my partner in the comfort measures she was taking, and truly, she made me feel safe and comfortable. During birth I navigated so many emotions, and Rose held space for them all— gracefully supporting me with words of affirmation, through massage/ use of pressure points, and by ensuring my birth wishes were upheld. She is the advocate and supportive presence I needed, and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone seeking a doula.”

  Simone Sylvester 

“You are a blessing Rose, your hands are a blessing, your voice is a blessing, your unconditional presence is a blessing, because of you, my birth experience was so beautiful.”

  Vesta Smith 

“Rose, thank you for all your help, may God help you to do this work for many, many years, never stop, never stop, you have a gift, I am so thankful for your help, for supporting me and my baby, for reminding me that I can do this, that I am strong and capable, thank you Rose!”

  Nina Sign 

“If you want someone you can trust, who feels safe, reliable and gentle, who doesn’t manage you, who can be silent and encouraging at once, who can remind you of your strength with a whisper, then this is Rose, Thank you Rose, I will never forget you, you helped me so much, I bless you and your work.”

  Juwa Sern 

“Thank you so much for your love and kindness, I appreciate your patience and spirit, God bless you Rose.”

  Cecil Dank 

“Rose was with me from beginning to end, she left my side only when I was comfortably in bed ready to rest with my baby in my chest, it could have been a hectic birth, but Rose was there to reassure me, to let me know that I was not alone, to help me connect with my baby, to help me feel safe, to remind me to let go as she held me in her love and care.”

  Ange Marie 

“Rose’s support was great, the moment she came in and spoke to me I felt very calm. I am really grateful for her help, I felt very supported and taken care of, my fears subsided, I was able to let go and be with every contraction, I never felt alone in the process. I highly recommend Rose to every mother in labor, especially first-time mothers like me!”

  Melissa Hendricks 

“Rose was my rock, I honestly do not think I could have done it without her, she works in an intuitive way and her voice just melts any tension away, she is very trustworthy and grounded, and held me through the most intense moments, my husband felt very well supported as well. Thank you Rose.”

  Amy Levin 

“Having Rose as my doula has been a blessing. She has a true gift in the work she does. As my antepartum doula, birth doula and postpartum doula, Rose supported me through my journey into motherhood and helped me learn to care for my son with compassion and grace. The hypnotherapy sessions we did before my son’s birth helped me prepare my frame of mind to welcome him, and her guidance during labor was truly invaluable. During my postpartum period her calming presence and encouragement helped me explore my options with confidence and make the right parenting decisions for my family. I recommend her to any pregnant woman seeking a supportive and meaningful doula experience.”

  Beth M. 

Love, it comes as the spaciousness
within every surge
as the moans of vitality
when the limit is reached
…and then shattered

Love, it comes as the push in labor
before life is born
the ecstasy of letting go
as creation takes over
as the mother of all mothers
is birthed anew

Love, it comes as relief
as warm hands on sweaty skin
stroking up and down
gently, tenderly, slowly
it comes as reassurance and knowing

Love, it comes as the tears
and the wide open smiles
of hopeful beginnings

It comes as the blessed scent of amniotic fluid
trickling down tired and peaceful bodies
it comes as innocence
and as the gaze of small wrinkled eyes
looking at the world
for the first time

Love, it comes as the sweet
dense creamy milk
from mothers breast
and as every suckle
from small tender lips

Love, it comes as first gestures
and first words and little steps
approaching life
it also comes
as the wobble and the bump
as we learn to navigate life

and then Love, it comes
as the comforting presence of a woman
seeing us through our journey.

–Rosemary Meran

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