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Connect with the soul essence of you baby, receive its timeless wisdom, experience your sacred bond

Birth—the experience of moving from the womb into the external world—informs the rest of our lives. A safe and relatively comfortable journey through the birthing process and early childhood provides a blueprint for joyful thriving. This is why healthy bonding with your baby is so important. A harmonious bond provides the physical and emotional support that your baby needs during his or her birth and early childhood.

Unresolved traumas, as well as some medical practices, can disrupt this natural bonding, resulting in postpartum mood disorders and other challenging situations. Connecting soul to soul with your baby while he or she is in the womb sets the stage for healthy postpartum bonding, and a harmonious future for both you and your child.

Like sunshine illuminating the sky, mothers are the first light in their children’s lives. Through the loving touch and gaze of a mother, a newborn can maintain their connection to the peace and joy of their spiritual essence. When we do the work of releasing personal limitations and resolving old traumas, we’re better able to hold space for our baby to grow and manifest his or her most beautiful potential.

The Sacred Thread Session

The Sacred Thread session is devoted to unveiling and strengthening the sacred bond between you and your baby.

It can help clarify questions about the name, the birth plan and help you to connect deeper with the energy and wisdom of birth, so that you may birth your baby with presence and trust. It can support you in releasing stuck emotional energy and old unuseful patterns, so that you can understand more clearly what your baby needs to feel safe during pregnancy, birth, and the years beyond. To give birth and mother in alignment with your inner wisdom and the soul-essence of the baby is the greatest gift you can give to your child.

Each journey is unique, I invite you to step inside your journey. Become familiar with your inner landscapes. Unearth the wisdom that lies beyond the layers of your mind. Connect with the soul essence of your baby to navigate and more fully enjoy your unique expression of motherhood, and the sacred bond between you and your baby.

I would be honored to support you in this process.

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“I felt the immenseness and depth of the love [my daughter] has for me and the love a child has for its mother, and its parent. It’s funny because as a parent you know now much you love your children, and yet sometimes you don’t really think about how much they love you. You don’t fully receive their love for you. And getting in that moment to really feel and understand, and be completely surrounded by this beautiful feeling of love was very beautiful and impactful. A really treasured moment of my experience and something I have carried with me.”

– Karen Abe

Karen Abe


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