Poetry can play a central—and quite beautiful—role in our healing process. Why is this?

In the way that it’s typically used, language—i.e., words and concepts—tends to reinforce old beliefs and habitual ways of thinking. We get stuck in the rut of these habitual patterns, which prevents the kind of transformation that’s necessary for healing.

But poetry uses language in a different way. Its playfulness, paradox, insight and delightful surprises help to dissolve our solidified assumptions about how things are. Poetry opens us to new possibilities. It helps us see things in new and fresh ways—unleashing a childlike playfulness and innocence, wonder and awe. It brings us back to the here and now—the only “place” where true healing happens.

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When reading poetry, we pay attention not only to the meaning of the words, but also (and perhaps most importantly) to their sounds. We appreciate the music of the poem—its rhythms, tones, rhymes and alliterations. As such, poetry enjoys a deep kinship with both prayer and song—and also with hypnotherapy.

Like poetry, hypnotherapy relies upon a skillfully artistic way of using language. In a hypnotherapy session, we artfully unwind old beliefs and habitual patterns of thought, sensation and action—that no longer serve our highest good. We talk to the inner-child in a way that helps release old wounds, and resurrect our natural innocence, curiosity and delight: our enthusiasm for life.

Through this process, our precious human body-mind becomes a clear vessel—open to the perpetual wonder and delight and easy power of the present moment—the here and now. And as we fully inhabit this authentic Presence, we’re able more effectively to love and support our children, our spouse or life-partner, our parents, our siblings, and our friends. Our very Presence becomes a healing support to all those around us.

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there is a gathering of spirit
a dance
wild and ecstatic
a celebration
around a sacred fire

the holy and pure laughing
life intent on living
love desiring you

come as you are
drenched with devotion
your rapturous feet bare upon the earth
give to the moon your presence
drink her beauty and rhythm
and see spirit all around
become small, become large
let yourself be
let yourself be…

today, the sun hangs low
as the world whirls
as the sky etches memories
across the horizon

today, my heart sits quiet
amid the murmurs
of distant thoughts
recycled spiderwebs
weaving the backdrop
of my day

today, life is as isness dreams it to be:
the trees rustle their songs
birds spread their wings wide
leafcutter ants hurry home
a rainbow grasshopper gazes,
as little toes and tiny hands
bear down on the earth
cartwheel after cartwheel
living as life lives here

today, my longings rest
perched on my shoulders
filled with the beautiful
mundanity of silent
days and nights:

golden fields
and scattered shoes
across the floor
blankets and pillows
and a story
between my fingers

today, my soul sits quietly
on the edge of timelessness
beyond the memory of i
desireless, expansive, still

a cricket jumps into a bush
with its magnificent cricket-isness
a mossy frog follows it
like a compass
life playing with life
consuming itself
this, too, is the ordinary

a little yellow bird sits on my knee

…all i really know
of this moment
is Love

this time
speak to me only about the sun and the moon,
about their tantalizing ways, about their play high up in the sky
speak to me only about their birth, about their constant merging while remaining intimately what they are, share with me stories of their highs and lows, their stillness and expansion tell me how it is that they give themselves so freely, so purely, so completely, across the big expanse of time, whisper to me how it is that they live as love, as being, and how life flourishes in their presence, tell me about the moon, the tide, the shore, the raging waves and calm seas, talk to me about the sun, the valleys, about the soil, the grass, the sprouts, about the colors of the rainbow, about tender beginnings and wholesome endings, tell me about the grasshoppers and beetles, the sacred trees elated feasting on their radiance, then talk to me further about the rivulets and streams swirling around our feet, the water reflecting their glow as we tiptoe inside to bathe and settle in their embrace, night and day, night and day show me how it is that they sow their seeds upon your skin, their essence tracing every line and crevice on your face, talk to me about their rays of dark and fire, about their chill, their warmth, their silvery gold streaming through your hands, this time let me breathe as they breathe through you, as I place my hand upon your heart, and then hold me, hold me, hold me close.

let the rain be rain
let the sky be sky
the stars be stars
and the dark be dark
beginnings, let them be just that
endings, let them simply end
let what is sad be sad,
and what opens your heart, bends your knees and fills your eyes with tears of gratitude, let it be as it is


when life rests in our embrace, when we become a welcoming home for existence, when our reality unveils the very Self and light of Love, then, what will be? beyond the space of predilection and specificity, past denial and acceptance, after our notion about our sense of worth and merit, what then?

smile then.

when the doors of rapture prise open demanding our body, our senses, our heart, our steps, our words, our actions, what then, then what?

when our very blood becomes nectar for the One and She feasts upon us with such sweetness and delight, what will we say then? perhaps we’ll know how it is to live as the sun and the moon, as joy and fire and dance, as the space between the seasons, perhaps we’ll shed our old cracked skin, burn the armor, crumble the interior walls, reveal our silent need to be so deeply touched by another, moisten the dry patches on our lips, pierce through the core of every living moment together and walk bare hearted across a garden of wild flowers, fig trees, rivers, waterfalls, and hummingbirds,

we will walk, you and me

i promise.

if you want to know God turn your eyes to the open fields notice how the golden light dances around the shadows of your gaze listen as the wind invites the grass to play feel the earth below you, the wild pulsations beneath your feet, it is the infinite disguised as soil

look up at the sun, bright, almost blinding, see the sky, an ocean of blue above, peace surrounding life, feel the space around you, an extension of your body

now, come back look at what is in front, the child, the stranger, the tree, the road feel yourself beyond the opposites embracing the movement of what is here and beyond

remain quiet, feel how it feels to be inside, concealed beneath the layers vastness as lungs and heart and spirit love as every inch of you

now, look closely, deeper still, is there any difference between the world, yourself and God?

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