One of the very best ways to support the overall health and wellbeing of yourself and your unborn child is to practice yoga.

An intelligent yoga practice integrates body, mind, breath, heart and spirit in ways that unveil causeless joy and liberate authentic power. And a mother who is in touch with her authentic power is—naturally and effortlessly—a gift to her children!

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Yoga has its roots in ancient India. The Sanskrit root Yuj—from which the word “yoga” is derived—means “to join” or “to yoke” or “to unite.” And what, exactly, is joined or united with what? Most essentially, yoga is a uniting of the individual self with the Universal Consciousness which is our Divine Self. A yoga practice supports the recognition of our inherent Divinity.

The aspect of yoga practice most familiar to those of us living in western cultures is yoga asana: physical poses and movements that enhance physical vitality and offer a gateway into the deeper aspects of yoga. A yoga asana practice can help us identify and unwind unnecessary tensions—which oftentimes are the locus of unresolved physical or emotional wounding.

As you practice, you also become more adept at feeling your body directly, from the inside, so to speak. This felt body (quite distinct from what you see in the mirror or picture and think about in your mind’s eye) is your most authentic and empowered body. It is a body brimming with Presence: the shining expression of the Divine.

While not all asanas are appropriate for pregnant women, the deeper, more internal aspects of Yoga—e.g., mindfulness of breathing and physical sensations—can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy and birthing process. And such a practice will support your body in becoming a welcoming and sacred house for your unborn child; and your heart-mind a more and more clear and loving Presence.

Drawing from my yoga asana practice, my movement practices during pregnancy, my awareness of anatomy and physiology, and various yoga teacher trainings, I have put together a few sequences that may aid you on your journey.

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