Encourage your baby to assume the optimal

birth position in a loving, safe and non-invasive way.

breech turn

Encourage your baby to assume the optimal birth position in a loving, safe and non-invasive way.
expecting mother


This session is for expectant mothers who are currently carrying a breech baby or breech twins and want to explore a safe and non-invasive method to encourage their baby/babies to assume an optimal head-down birth position.


In our breech turn session, we will use symbolic, preverbal language to translate the energies and vibrations from your baby and Higher Self in a way that is understandable to you.

You’ll connect with your own inner wisdom as well as the inner wisdom of your unborn child or children. And you’ll go through a process of clearing any negative emotions, mental blockages, or energetic obstructions that might be preventing the baby/babies from turning head down.

We’ll go deep into the subconscious mind to clear stagnant energetic patterns and dysfunctional mental-emotional dynamics. Our intention is to unearth and transform the stunted energy that is causing the baby or babies to be in a breech position. This work unveils the “hows” and “whys” of certain behaviors and belief systems. Once we clear the stuck energy, you and your baby or babies can inhabit your body with more comfort, ease, and authentic connection.

expecting mother

I use proven hypnotherapy techniques which deeply relax the body and mind, allowing you to travel through your inner landscapes and symbology. You remain aware of everything that is happening, responsive to my guidance and receptive to your inner experience.

While you will be conscious and able to recall your session, I will write down every detail for your later reference. I also encourage you to rewrite it for yourself later, to enhance the integration between the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This helps the information be more fully integrated and encourages deeper insights and fertile interconnections.

During this session, you’ll come to understand why your baby or babies have taken a breech position. You’ll also learn what your baby or babies most need to feel supported through the remainder of the pregnancy, the birthing process, and the years beyond. Your child’s purpose for this incarnation may be revealed, and you will know how to better serve the soul(s) you are birthing into the world.


It’s natural to wish for everything to be perfect for the birth of our children. But we may not realize that stagnant energy and negative emotional patterns can be what prevents the unfolding of a harmonious birth. Even if we do all we’re able to on the physical level, we may forget or ignore the fact that our external reality is deeply influenced by our internal state of being. If we’re not yet aware of the internal cause of an issue—for instance, the breech presentation of our unborn child—then it’s wise to undertake a journey of discovery, to unearth the subconscious dynamics that are at the root of our current challenge.

Even if we do all we can to optimize the birth experience, how it goes is not entirely up to us. Our baby or babies come with a unique purpose and lesson plan. This is important to remember, because it may be that a breech birth is the perfect experience for you and/or your baby. In other cases, a breech baby wants to turn head down but needs us to clear a pathway (physically, energetically and/or psychically) for them to do so. A breech turn session will support you in discovering which of these scenarios is true in your case.

Understanding clearly what our baby’s needs are—on a soul level—provides a sense of comfort, ease, trust, and reassurance. We learn what they need us to release, and the body-mind container they need us to create. When we clear the way mentally, emotionally, and energetically, we set the stage for a more loving, easeful, and healthy birth experience. With this session, we will do whatever we can to clear what is in the way of an optimal birth position and experience—and leave the rest up to the Great Mystery!

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Karen Abe

“I felt the immenseness and depth of the love [my daughter] has for me and the love a child has for its mother, and its parent. It’s funny because as a parent you know now much you love your children, and yet sometimes you don’t really think about how much they love you. You don’t fully receive their love for you. And getting in that moment to really feel and understand, and be completely surrounded by this beautiful feeling of love was very beautiful and impactful. A really treasured moment of my experience and something I have carried with me.”

– Karen Abe


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