Clear what is in the way of you becoming pregnant.

Fertility Challenges

Clear what is in the way of you becoming pregnant.

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This session is for women and couples struggling to conceive a child as well as for those who have experienced miscarriages, abortions and pregnancy complications along their fertility journey. With this work you can discover and release the root cause of your fertility challenge and connect with the consciousness of the baby you are trying to conceive.


In our sessions, we will use symbolic, preverbal language to translate the energies and vibrations from your body, your higher self and the consciousness of the baby you are trying to conceive. This is not a psychic reading, you will be experiencing everything within yourself communicating it to me as I facilitate your session.

We will go deep into the subconscious mind where the cause of your present day challenges involving fertility may be uncovered as hidden trauma, unresolved memories or other internal conflict. Our intention is to unearth the stunted energy that is woven into your present day story and clear any negative emotions or blockages that do not serve you or the energy of the baby you are trying to conceive. You will be able to experience the consciousness of your baby’s soul and understand what he, she or they need in order to feel supported on their journey to the womb.

expecting mother

I use proven hypnotherapy techniques which relax the body and mind, allowing you to travel through your inner landscapes and symbology. You remain aware of everything that is happening, responsive to my guidance and receptive to your inner experience.

While you will be conscious and able to remember your session, I do write every detail for your reference. I encourage you to rewrite it for yourself later, to assist the integration between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which helps the information to be better retained and leads to more insights and connections.


Sometimes we may not realize that stagnant energy and negative emotional patterns can be what causes fertility problems. Even if we do all we’re able to on the physical level, we may forget or ignore the fact that our external reality is deeply influenced by our internal state of being. If we’re not yet aware of the internal cause of an issue—for instance, the struggle to conceive a child —then it’s wise to undertake a journey of discovery, to unearth the subconscious dynamics that are at the root of our current challenge.


Even if we do all we can to optimize the outcomes of conception, it is important to remember that how it goes is not entirely up to us. However, when we clear the way mentally, emotionally, and energetically, we set the stage for a more loving, easy, and healthy fertility journey. With this session, we will do whatever we can to internally resolve what is in the way of conception and you will leave with a sense of connection, comfort, trust and reassurance. Like a pristine diamond that has been encrusted in mud—but now is fully cleansed—your inner light and radiant wellbeing will once again shine brightly.

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"Rose lives and breathes the essence of the Divine Mother, not only through her work, but in every aspect of her life. In sessions this translates into the deep, sure and very compassionate holding space that Rose creates. Rose feels trustworthy, and her clients explore their interior worlds with more ease and grace as a result."


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