Opening the Heart

We all know the importance of the physical heart: how its rhythmic pulse distributes—through a river-like network of arteries and veins—the blood that carries life-giving oxygen to every cell of our precious human body.

What’s less well known is that the heart also creates the largest electromagnetic field of any organ—making it the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the body!

But the heart is not only a physical organ and electromagnetic field. In its more subtle or spiritual dimension, the heart-space serves as a portal into the infinite peace, joy, wonder and majesty of our true self. And it contains all the mystery and magic of true love.

The spiritual heart resonates with love’s natural openness—with a welcoming of all experience, moment by moment. The true love emanating from your spiritual heart embraces pain as well as pleasure; celebration as well as heartbreak. True love forgives each and every event, instantaneously and in the original sense of “forgive”—as a “giving back” to God, to Spirit, to Nature—what is ultimately a child of God, Spirit, Nature.

And this is the foundation of all healing: this willingness to stand with an open heart. Or, if you’re not yet able to do this, then to generate an authentic willingness to be moving in the direction of an open heart.

Healing is not always of the body
—but does always include the mind and spirit

In opening the spiritual heart, we see clearly that separation is an illusion. We recognize the One Heart that is the shared Mother of all beings: those we refer to as “self” along with those we refer to as “other.”

Both welcoming and forgiveness are key components of transformation and healing, and both are rooted in the understanding that “self” and “other” arise interdependently. When we dissolve the self/other polarity, forgiveness comes naturally—in the way that a tree naturally flowers in springtime.

The human experience carries both tremendous joy and tremendous heartbreak. But a broken heart—when embraced with true love and wisdom—becomes an even more radiantly open heart. Such a heart can then dance with life’s innumerable polarities, with skillfulness and grace.

Life is movement, change, transformation—which requires an ongoing flow of birth/death, appearance/disappearance. The inhalation dies into the exhalation; and the exhalation disappears into the new inhalation. The cells of the human body are continuously dying and being reborn. This is what allows healing to happen.

An open heart can celebrate death as much as resurrection!

An open heart revels in sense perceptions, physical sensations, thoughts and images—every component of the human experience. An open heart shines and emanates true love, which is not separate from wisdom.

Love is the way messengers
from the mystery tell us things.

Love is the mother.
We are her sons.

She shines inside us,
visible-invisible, as we trust
or lose trust, or feel it start to grow again.


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