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Blessings for the Newborn
at the Onset of Labor

MAY 2024

Take a moment to pause and reflect before the intensity of labor begins. In the quietude of your own presence, place one hand on your heart and another on your pregnant belly, and whisper softly:

As you emerge into this world through the vessel of my body, may you be enveloped in love and light. May your first breath be an affirmation to the miracle of life, and may your spirit dance with joy in my embrace.

With every heartbeat, may you feel the rhythm of the universe, guiding you on your journey. May you be blessed with strength, courage, and wisdom to face the challenges that lie ahead, and may your path be illuminated by the gentle glow of hope and possibility.

I surround you with the warmth of my heart and the purity of my intentions. With each tender touch and loving gaze, I affirm my commitment to nurture and protect you, to cherish and honor you, for all the days of your life.

May you be blessed with laughter that fills the air with joy, with dreams that soar to the heavens, and with love that knows no bounds. And may the blessings of peace, prosperity, and abundance follow you wherever you may go.

Welcome to this world, my child. May your presence be a blessing to all who know you, and may your light shine brightly for generations to come.

I offer myself to the sacred energy of birth and to the mystery of life. With my heart wide open, I settle in my strength and trust my capacity to birth you, and I anticipate the joy of meeting you and holding you.


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As a certified birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and hypnotherapist, I specialize in using Hypnotherapy to enhance the childbirth experience. I offer both in-person and virtual sessions to guide you in connecting with a deep inner state of calm and ease during labor, no matter where you are. My sessions in Soul Connections and Clinical Hypnotherapy are designed to release fear and tension, nurturing a profound, meaningful connection with your baby. With my expertise in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Soul Integration, I help you connect with your inner wisdom, empowering you to become a mindful, present, and spiritually aware parent. My holistic approach supports you in cultivating trust and confidence throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


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