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Musings – On Purpose

MAY 2023

The question of purpose has always been relevant to me. Is purpose really one thing or is it all? Can I rest comfortably in my fragmented belief of what purpose is and what it is not? Is my purpose to be there and not here? Is my purpose to do that and not this? It is difficult for me to accept the limitations imposed by my thoughts, especially when, over and over, experience teaches me how insubstantial, flimsy and unimpressive my thoughts can be and yet perhaps there is purpose in this.

Experience is humbling. Experience usually collapses the unyielding layers of my mind, it is a return to the field where my hypothesis must be tested and my ideals examined and weighed against the authentic expression of a material, emotional, and spiritual embodiment.

Lately, I have been experiencing purpose as every moment lived in presence. It is now difficult to believe that my purpose is doing one thing and not the other. I find purpose wherever I place my attention. There is purpose when I allow myself the journey of absorption and dissolution and becoming and being, the learning, the giving of myself and the receiving of this self tempered by the seasons, throbbing in the tender, in the beautiful, in the difficult. 

 Purpose is when I can be with the fresh morning breeze and the first signs of sunlight, 
When I allow myself pleasure and innocence as a prelude to joy. 
Purpose is boarding the train, the clickety-clack, my momentary shrine.
Purpose is in offering each gaze a sense of silence that is full and alive.
Purpose is in the gray hardened pavement concealing an unknown world 
Beneath the outline of a city. 
Purpose is behind the guise and along the aging lines on my face.
There is purpose in touch, in the honest meeting of soul and skin. 
In a smile holding back some tears,
In the winding roads leading nowhere and everywhere at once.
Purpose is the pilgrim at the edge of the road.
Purpose is my wet hair and the soft woolen fabric enrobing me,
Purpose is staying, tending and mending the wounded spaces,
Purpose is the laboring woman, the baby and the immensity of birth, 
It is the umbilical cord, the cosmic impetus to be connected with another, 
Purpose is effort, breath, the culmination of a journey,
And the beginning of a new beginning.
Purpose is feeling, loving and everything else in between.


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As a certified birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and hypnotherapist, I specialize in using Hypnotherapy to enhance the childbirth experience. I offer both in-person and virtual sessions to guide you in connecting with a deep inner state of calm and ease during labor, no matter where you are. My sessions in Soul Connections and Clinical Hypnotherapy are designed to release fear and tension, nurturing a profound, meaningful connection with your baby. With my expertise in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Soul Integration, I help you connect with your inner wisdom, empowering you to become a mindful, present, and spiritually aware parent. My holistic approach supports you in cultivating trust and confidence throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


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