The Empty or Perhaps The Sacred

JUNE 2022

there is a song
empty and sacred
it is there
always in the quiet.


How often do we feel as if drama is a normal part of existence? How often, in our boredom, do we give ourselves to the chaotic currents of our collective, knowing deep inside that it is not wholesome, or true for us? How often do we betray ourselves for the allure of one moment of excitement? One moment that takes us high, yet leaves us so empty, troubled and deprived of real nourishment?

There are moments in life where deep currents move through us and around us. There are moments when we need to dive and swim downstream because controlling will only lead to anguish, pain, and unnecessary attachment to what wants to be let free. This is different; here it is wise to let go, to let be, to participate in the wild dance of life. Life calls on us to step to a high echelon, to stand on a higher peak, to see beyond the horizon of our gaze, this is how learning happens.

Yet there are moments where we cause so much unnecessary pain to ourselves and others. We disrupt a natural emergence that can only bloom with time, patience, silence, and not doing much at all, a moment that perhaps expresses itself as ordinary, as not much, as plain, as simple, as slow-moving. Here, it would be wise to stop for a moment, to listen with heart, to widen our sense of feeling and living in the present. Instead of giving ourselves to the unharmonized chaos within, it would be wiser to stand still in the midst of thunder and rain, to understand from where springs the unnecessary tensions we anxiously call into our lives, to have something seemingly a bit more interesting happening. Perhaps it would be wise to let go of the old story of always needing to do something, the obsession to feel entertained, the anxiety that comes when the gap between feeling and doing stretches, the false promises of the shiny personality wanting to be someone or something out there far beyond who we are, the empty space calling for our attendance, asking us to sit on the throne of our own being. Who knows, perhaps we might find ourselves at the threshold of something new. We might discover the essence in our path, the calling of our destiny. We might find that we are worth our joy, that we are worth a beautiful life, that we are worth every drop of peace and every flowering of love. Remember: just because it feels empty does not mean it is devoid of life and meaning.

When the empty feelings visit you, instead of running away, I propose you stay. Sit and invite yourself into a comfortable space within the void, feel what you feel. Remain there, with yourself in presence, and go about your day acknowledging what you are experiencing, letting it be. While doing so, you can become aware of the pulsation that emerges at the center of your being when you allow yourself the gift of feeling the emptiness completely. With time, I find that this welcomes me to a space of deeper communion with the sacred, the real, the pure. Let us practice embracing the empty, just as we embrace the seasons and the fullness. You will not believe it, but it is at the center of these unmoving, dry-at-times moments, which lack thrill, noise and performance, that miracles oftentimes manifest.

Let us practice our attunement to the sacred pulse within.



interpersonal hypnotherapist


As a certified birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and hypnotherapist, I specialize in using Hypnotherapy to enhance the childbirth experience. I offer both in-person and virtual sessions to guide you in connecting with a deep inner state of calm and ease during labor, no matter where you are. My sessions in Soul Connections and Clinical Hypnotherapy are designed to release fear and tension, nurturing a profound, meaningful connection with your baby. With my expertise in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Soul Integration, I help you connect with your inner wisdom, empowering you to become a mindful, present, and spiritually aware parent. My holistic approach supports you in cultivating trust and confidence throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


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